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Lantra basic off road trailer handling one day course

LANTRA Awards is a nationally recognised Awarding Body approved to develop and accredit qualifications such as NVQ/SVQ and VRQ by OFQUAL and SQA the Regulatory Bodies of qualifications.

Although specialising in the land based and environmental sector, LANTRA offer national qualifications in a range of subject area, as well as technical awards. Training and assessment is delivered through registered and approved training providers and instructors.

Explore 4x4 are approved Lantra training providers, and use only qualified instructors.

Integrated training assessment course leading to a certificate in basic training.

Trainees will Learn:

  • The main causes of accidents.
  • Towing vehicle/trailer combinations and set up.
  • Essential vehicle/trailer safety checks.
  • Correct coupling/un-coupling procedures.
  • Loading and nose weight checks.
  • Vehicle/trailer stability and security.
  • Handling techniques including reversing.
  • Assessment of individual performance and feedback.

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