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European ATV Safety Institute
Approved Training Courses

Where an ATV is used for work, employers may find that ATV training courses can fulfil their HSE compliancy, depending on their individual company’s risk assessment.

Title EASI Rider ATV Safety Training Course


Course details

The EASI Rider Course is an interactive, hands-on learning experience that is both practical and enjoyable. As well as teaching safe riding techniques, the course covers safety clothing and protective equipment, pre-ride inspections, risk assessment and environmental issues.

Riders are expected to supply their own ATV's for training and for children aged 6 - 16 they MUST be riding machines appropriate for their age as laid out in the ATV (Safety) Regulations 1989 (No. 2288).

The EASI Rider course caters for a maximum number of 8 adult riders (or 6 children if aged under 16 years), each of whom receives a Rider Course Handbook. The programme lasts around four and a half hours and consists of 16 lessons, as follows:

  • Introduction to the ATV Rider Course, protective clothing and equipment and pre-ride inspections of ATVs (known as T-CLOC)
  • Range signals, rules and warm up exercises
  • Controls and starting the engine
  • Starting out, shifting gears and braking
  • Turning
  • Riding strategies / Risk awareness
  • Riding circles and figure of eight
  • Quicker turns
  • Sharp turns
  • Quick stops and swerves
  • Quick stop in a turn
  • Riding over obstacles
  • Safe and responsible riding practices
  • U-turn / Traversing hills
  • Circuit or Trail ride
  • Wrap up and review

The EASI Rider Course ends with a wrap up and review session where Student Performance Evaluation Forms are distributed to all riders, detailing any areas and skills that require further work and practice.

To enquire about an EASI Rider Course

EITHER contact us or visit your local ATV dealer

OR phone EASI on  01903 816286

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