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Skid pan training

What can I expect on the day?

On arrival at the skid control venue near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, there is a short safety briefing and welcome meeting.  Then your expert driving instructor will demonstrate skid control and braking practises with you, on a one to one basis. After that, you and your group take turns. You will have the opportunity to drive hands on, controlling and correcting the skids and slides as well as emergency braking.

This course covers two types of skid control, using both front and rear wheel drive vehicles on a low grip skid pan. We do not use cradles. This course is ideal for all drivers, and it’s a great and enjoyable way of learning practical skills. Leaving you knowing just what to do if the need arises.

After a debrief, certificates are presented.

What's included in this experience?

  • Half Day Course
  • Briefing Session
  • Instructor demonstrations
  • Skid Control Driving
  • Braking Demonstration and practice
  • The course is shared between 8-10 people and builds in sufficient time to 'go it alone'
  • Both front wheel and rear wheel drive cars are used.
  • Cradles are not used.
  • A certificate is awarded at the end of the session.

When is it available?

  • Selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year

Where do I do this experience?

  • The skidpan is situated on the Norfolk-Suffolk border and is easily accessible from the South and Midlands.

Who is this suitable for?

  • All drivers must be over 17 yrs old, hold a full UK or European driving licence and be able to drive a manual car.

Can anyone come along to watch?

  • Small number of spectators are welcome but large numbers of spectators are discouraged from this venue due to the lack of safe viewing areas and facilities at the venue.

Benefits of training

  • Don’t let you first skid be your last!  Whilst skid control training is great fun, there are massive benefits too. Understanding what to do in a crisis can; improve confidence, improve driver safety, reduce vehicle damage and repair costs, reduce downtime and reduce environmental damage. Less worry when winter is upon us!

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