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Airsoft Combat - Training and Gaming

All our instructors are experienced ex military or serving military personnel with combat experience. Location MoD property, Norfolk.

Airsoft is a Safe Military Combat Game, similar to paintball, but without the paint and much more exciting, in realistic combat scenario's. Ammunition used is 6mm plastic biodegradable pellets often just called BB's.

It is possible that BB’s may sting and leave a small mark, however they are completely safe when the correct protective clothing and face mask/goggles are used. These are always supplied. If you know anyone who has done paintball and airsoft, they will tell you…..Paintball hurts far more!

All games and/or training will start with a full site specific safety briefing.

Games played can vary from, bunker assaults, hostage/pilot recoveries, sniper hunt, search and destroy or simply red on blue, i.e one team against another.

For close quarter combat scenarios in confined spaces and buildings you may just use Pistols, although Assault rifles etc can be used. Extra Ammunition, Smoke and BB grenades available.

Games played all year round. Ages from 16 upwards.

Airsoft Combat

Take a drive down the road in the picture above and be transported into a whole new world not usually open to the public.

Designed to re-create conditions in Afghanistan, the village has been built on an active military training establishment. This is where every soldier conducts his final training before deploying on operations to Afghanistan.

This 12.5 acre Afghanistan replica village has around 25 concrete-clad compounds and a Mini market to play with, it also has plenty of other buildings specifically built for training for Close Quarter Battle, (CQB)

Quote "The village gives the best equipped training site in the UK." It provides a very realistic environment for our excellent fighting soldiers and it is open to you! So, are you up for it? Put you or your team through this excellent facility and get trained in CQB by our military instructors and then carry out some of the missions that can be tailored to your requirements. If you are interested, then please give us a call.


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