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4x4 off road driving instruction

We can't imagine anyone not wanting to go off road!  But then we're probably very biased! 

'I could not imagine a more exhilarating experience to try’  words from Jo Thewlis (East Anglian Daily Times) after her first taste of off roading, 

There are any amount of reasons for wanting 4x4 driving instruction.  Whatever your particular reason - our aim is to provide you with professional 4x4 instruction that enables you to drive off road safely and provides you with challenging new driving skills.  This is an informative, hugely enjoyable and vastly exhilarating experience!

  • Perhaps you have your own 4x4, used mainly on road rather than off!  You'd like to know a little more about how it works, and how best it can be used to get you out of those occasional awkward situations.
  • Maybe you don't have a 4x4, but have the spirit of adventure, and would like to experience the excitement of off road driving.
  • Are you the parents of a young person who has recently passed their driving test? Its a great idea to give them a session off road. It will give them a healthy respect for driving; increase their awareness of the safety issues, not to mention being enormous fun! Minimum age 16 years old.
  • Does someone you know have a special birthday or anniversary coming up? A 4x4 driving lesson makes a fabulous and unusual present – for both sexes! We so often hear ladies saying they'd love to have a go, but feel uncomfortable in what they perceive to be a male orientated environment. With both male and female driving instructors, that's not an issue!

Whether your interest in off road driving is for business or pleasure, you'll find it adventurous, exhilarating and hugely enjoyable!  It's the perfect choice for corporate entertainment, team building events, parties and that very special present.

We have various sites with very different terrains. throughout East Anglia and Central England.

All our staff are professionally trained and qualified off road instructors.

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